What's Unique?


  • It is imperative for management of companies to understand the risks associated with the products, process, people and in effect the entire business faces from cybersecurity threats. However, this is currently mired into long pages of very technical reports and also usually time-consuming to decipher the details. This necessitates a compelling need for a simple yet comprehensive report that help the Board and management of companies to make meaningful decisions related to cybersecurity in quick and compelling fashion.
  • CyberRISK4Board fills this gap with 3-page report that covers all necessary details in a simple-to-understand fashion and helps the Board analyze areas of previous spend, compare it with protection received and finally make meaningful decision about where will the future send be most useful.

Threat Modeling Framework

Most organizations struggle when it comes to identifying the risks associated with their software products, mainly due to a lack of proper framework being utilized. While there are many threat modeling frameworks in the market since late 90's (main one being STRIDE, adopted by Microsoft), the challenge is two-fold:

  • the frameworks are too broad and without hand-holding by experts, cannot generate meaningful action items to close gaps.
  • the technology landscape, particularly related to cloud, is moving very fast and the frameworks have been left behind. A proprietary framework fills this gap, addressing the need for small businesses and start-ups developing software to understand clearly the unaddressed threats in their respective context without much external help.

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August 15, 2023