Application Security
  • Manual Code audit
  • 3rd party code scans
  • Code scan for secrets
  • Static Analysis of software (SAST)
  • Dynamic Analysis (DAST)
  • Interactive Analysis (IAST)
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Product Security
(Appsec + Cloud)
  • Everything offered in Appsec +
  • Network audit of cloud infrastructure
    • VPCs (related security groups)
    • Networks & subnets
    • Certificates
    • Key management
  • Review of all all IAM roles & related access keys
  • Scanning the cloud infra trails, if available
  • optimizing security settings
  • Cost estimate included is for configurations up to:
    • 25 EC2 instances
    • 5 VPCs
    • 10 networks/subnets
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Integrated Security
(Appsec + cloud + DevSecOps)
  • Product Security +
  • Integration of all security products into CI/CD pipeline
    • Static analysis software
    • Software Composition Analysis (SCA)
    • Secret-detection
    • Scanning of container images
    • Integration of automation test cases
  • Review of security standards related to development process
    • How developers access repositories
    • Security settings of repos
    • Access keys management with partners
    • API & access keys management of the team
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  • Integrated Security +
  • Threat hunting & assessment
  • Threat intelligence
  • Dark Web Monitoring for company secrets
  • Dark web monitoring (one-time or continuous scan) will be provided at an additional cost
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