Company with a difference

We are a young company with soaring ambitions to be among the best in the industry, worldwide. We measure being "the best" by only one metric - customer success and feedback! We firmly believe in providing comprehensive security solutions through our solid expertise. Combined with our core values of integrity, transperancy and professionalism, we are bound to create immense value for our customers and propel ourselves in the above direction.

More significantly, we take immense pride in the fact that we educate our clients on end-to-end security and not just VAPT (vulnerability analysis and penetration testing, for the uninitated). We believe in being a strong security partner and walk along with our customers in their journey. Our strongest differentiating point would be in that we provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions which is highly custmozed according to the needs, hence our tagline - Expert solutions, just for you!


Values reflected by our logo

  • The eagle, speed/agility to catch the lurking prey from afar
  • The shield represents the ability to shield your business with maximum strength
  • While the blue in the shield represents our abilities to be calm ourselves as well as keep our customers assured & confident, the maroon represents our courage & strength to keep you off evil actors.

Who we are

We are a boutique consulting firm specializing in niche areas like Application / Product security, API security, DevSecOps, Cloud Security (AWS & Azure) and threat modeling.


Our expertise

We understand product development and security very well. This unique combination of expertise offers exponential value to customers since exposing/detecting issues as well as in integrating security deep into their product becomes a natural process.