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Application Security (AppSec) / Product Security

Security is not always accorded the highest priority when it comes to products built by start-ups & no one can be blamed for it, because product-market fit and essential feature development take much higher precedence. Before it's too late, product security also needs to be closely looked at. Else, the consequences suffered can be critical including data breaches, loss of business, theft of IP and so on. The good news is that application/product security can be incorporated or related issues can be fixed at any time. If architectural or design changes aspects of security are unearthed, the cost of fixing the same becomes higher and the cost to make code changes due to vulnerabilities is relatively smaller. Expert advice on these matters help you maneuver this unknown territory rather deftly. Get a glimpse of what you get in this article


Cloud Security

As a registered consulting partner for both AWS and Azure, we are the best choice for securing all your assets in the cloud. If you are managing your cloud presence or running your products as a multi-cloud architecture, we become the natural choice for securing your cloud-based assets. Whether you run a traditional EC2 instances within a set of VPC or highly scalable microservices infrastructure with Docker/K8s, we provide the right solutions. In addition to the necessary defensive technologies in place, we also advise on how to monitor on a continual basis and log the activities for auditing purposes. Our step-by-step approach discusses how all of this can be achieved.


Continous Monitoring

The need for every organization to monitor every single event that occurs within their complex environment that cuts across their own cloud resources, employee devices, third party applications and solutions is truly mind-boggling. For small businesses and start-ups, this is even more challenging, given the small teams that will always be stormed by various tasks and priorities. Security Operations Center (SOC) as a service razes down all these challenges and brings all events to a single dashboard and also integrates with existing ticketing systems to alert potential threats or events that need closer look. Our blog here talks about various types of monitoring ahd how to decide what is best for you.



Every organization cannot afford to hire a dedicated chief information security officer (CISO). It is neither prudent nor cost effective. Hiring a virtual CISO or vCISO balances the cybersecurity needs and lack of expertise. A vCISO will be adept at taking care of end-to-end cybersecurity requirements for any size of organization. The person will bring strategic direction and also will be nimble enough to attend to your tactical needs and address issues on the ground. Our vCISO will not just have in-depth technical expertise but also be able to remove all jargons and provide the insights in the language that management can understand.



VAPT assessments or product security audits are very helpful to organizations but need to be repeated frequently unless backed by a solid repetitive process. DevSecOps will lead the organizations to the level of maturity where "shift-left" security principles are embedded into the normal software development process all the way up to the point of deployment. Automation using DevSecOps is the best choice and we can help you move in the right direction quickly.


Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Every organization has need to scale, grow and mature. To win a contract, convince a customer, proudly pitch your security standards and most times for regulatory and statutory compliance purposes, companies need to conforming to various standards according to the industry in which they operate. This compliance not only takes care of the statutory needs, it also proides an opportunity to make the business risks in a systematic and process-based approach. Our team can help you get both certificate by certification bodies and be convinced that you have uplifted your risk managament and compliance standards for your company.


Partner-enabled services

We fully understand that customers need a single consultant to take care of their entire cybersecurity needs. To fulfill this requirement, we bring cutting-edge solutions like zero-trust network access (ZTNA/SASE), data backup & business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR), SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS), brand protection, asset and identity management from world's top players to you by partnering with them. You get high-quality services combined with best partner prices. See the full list of our partnerships here.


End-to-end Blockchain Solutions

For building an NFT marketplace, cryptoexchange or a enterprise-grade Blockchain solution for a specific business case, CyberSafeHaven can handle all the security aspects of the solution, be it analyzing your dApps, cloud-infra, smart-contracts (Solidity) or signing methods and much more. We provide clear reports that highlight the issues in your code and we also demonstrate how it can be exploited, whenever we can. We make recommendations on the appropriate security methodologies - for example when weak signing methods or verification techniques are used, they become the largest gaping hole even if the contracts are rock solid. Similarly, we recommend the right battle-tested contracts that can be customized for application specfic uses.

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