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Our Services


Comprehensive suite of services starting from standard compliance audits like ISO27001 (ISMS) and network infrastructure audits to more sophisticated and comprehensive ones like threat intelligence as well as end-to-end security audit of the entire organization including products, people, infrastructure (including virtual assets)

Application Security (AppSec) / Product Security

Security is not always accorded the highest priority when it comes to products built by start-ups & no one can be blamed for it, because product-market fit and essential feature development take much higher precedence. Before it's too late, product security also needs to be closely looked at. Else, the consequences suffered can be critical including data breaches, loss of business, theft of IP and so on. The good news is that application/product security can be incorporated or related issues can be fixed at any time. If architectural or design changes aspects of security are unearthed, the cost of fixing the same becomes higher and the cost to make code changes due to vulnerabilities is relatively smaller. Expert advice on these matters help you maneuver this unknown territory rather deftly.


VAPT assessments (black-box) or product security audits (white-box) are very helpful to organizations but need to be repeated frequently unless backed by a solid repetitive process. DevSecOps will lead the organizations to the level of maturity where "shift-left" security principles are embedded into the normal software development process all the way up to the point of deployment. With SaaS-based products being omnipresent, the ability to deploy container (Docker) based solutions or even EC2 instances base image and deployed images need to be constantly scanned and monitored for vulnerabilities as well as threats. Automation using DevSecOps is the best choice and we can help you move in the right direction quickly.

Cloud Security

As a registered consulting partner for both AWS and Azure, we are the best choice for securing all your assets in the cloud. If you are managing your cloud presence or running your products as a multi-cloud architecture, we become the natural choice for securing your cloud-based assets.

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