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    We Provide
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    We Provide
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    Cloud Security & DevSecOps
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    We Provide
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We provide the best consulting in cybersecurity, blockchain and business and strategy, not just to protect but unshackle your business growth


Our solutions range from cybersecurity consulting for all kinds of small business including startups to help matured companies review security architecture for their software products and improve the security practices in DevOps lifecycle


We can provide an excellent outsider view to your business and help take your business to beyond the thresholds imagined by you. We help you achieve this by critically analyzing your various functions and identify blindspots.


Whether it is training on the fundamentals to your Executive team /Senior leadership or provide architectural solutions for developing Blockchain based applications, we help smoothen your learning curve with Blockchain.

Our Portfolio of Services

We provide the best technology and management consulting for small businesses and startups, which are specifically geared to your business and catapult the growth

Review of Security Architecture

For most organizations, threat modelling is the beginning and end of security architecture review, not for us. We analyse in-depth, the static and moving parts of the application to assess the end-product's comprehensive security posture.

DevSecOps / Cloud Computing Security

If you are cloud-based SaaS startup or a matured business that has moved so fast that you would like step back and get an security audit of your DevOps processes, you need to strengthen your existing DevOps security practices or integrate best security pracitces for your new product that is going to be built from the word get-go, we are one-stop solution for you!

Cybersecurity for start-ups and SMBs

If you think we are just a small start-up and do not need much security, you are exposing yourself to too much of risk. We offer highly customised vendor-agnonstic cybersecurity solutions according to team-size, locations and the amount of IP you hold as well as hold you handle internal and customer data.

Blockchain Consulting

Starting from evaluating the technical feasibility for specific projects in mind, to building protoctypes/POCs all the way upto building full-fledged applications in Ethereum stack or using Hyperledger frameworks, we have a full range of capabilities to delivevr solutions in the shortest period of time

Blockchain Training

Our trainings are highly customised and personalised according to the audience. We can help simplify even complex technological concepts. We also run special programs for Executives and Senipr leadership introducing the fundamentals of Blockchain

Business Consulting

We are entrepreneurs ourselves and clearly know that mere jargons are rarely helpful. We realise that small businesses need the most help in business strategy but can barely afford major consultants. Not just the cost, we understand the value creation is critical and we aim just that.

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Security expenditure (in USD$ billion)
Tenure of CISOs (in months)
% of Small Businesses Attacked
Personal records stolen

Our Practice Areas

We provide the best consulting for startups, small and medium business specializing in the areas of cybersecurity, blockchain and customised management consuting

Why Choose CyberSafeHaven

We are uniquely positioned to understand the mindset of small business owners and startup founders and how they operate. Hence, we are in the best position to advise our "peers" with our expertise on what will work best for them.

“We need a cybersecurity renaissance in this Country that promotes cyber hygiene and a security centric corporate culture applied and continuously reinforced by peer pressure”

James Scott, Sr. Fellow, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology
  • Highly professional services
  • Expert solutions
  • Customised and tailored exclusively for you
  • Reactive to business needs & quick turnaround
  • Focus on what you do best, leave security to us
  • Best value for money


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